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Wed. Jan 17th 2018
SERV-5 Is almost done

SERV-5 is almost done with a short list of items to finish and our wild land brush truck/water rescue/snow event response veh...

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Fri. Dec 2nd 2016
NIIMS Courses and New Members

All new Members are reminded to get their NIIMS Courses completed as soon as possible. This is a mandatory requirement.

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Tue. Apr 17th 2012

The Standard Operating Guide was released and is now posted on our site. This guide offers a guide to good communications. Pl...

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 Welcome to

Castleton Community Volunteer Fire Company

   Thank You for viewing our website

Please join us on Fridays Commencing March 2nd 2018 for the




Special Emergency Response Vehicle (SERV-5)

The story of the acquisition, build and outfitting of the the new Special Emergency Response Vehicle (SERV-5) which is a LMTV 2.5 Ton Turbo Diesel powered, all wheel drive military vehicle being converted to a Fire Department wild land brush truck with capabilities of fording 48 inches of water for water rescues and awesome traction for major snow events.

SERV-5 story in pictures from picking the truck up at Fort Bragg, preparing the lighting package to body work, primer, painting the chassis, the body in toredor red, reflective striping then the final white paint on the cab, installation of the 500 gallon skid unit and pump leading up to the final graphic package by Howington Graphics. The story is a long one with countless hours of labor and added frustrations in looking up data on the truck using the over 5,000 pages of tech manuals to understand how something works or how to fix it if it does not work. With the parts for these vehicles so hard to find and very expensive if you do find them we obtained a parts truck (not one of the two the County owns, just for clarity) but our own which has been a great benefit for capturing newer and better parts and materials for the truck below. Its been fun and now almost done and still trying to get a snow plow so we can keep Castleton ready to respond even if there is a ton of snow. 









Castleton's Spare LMTV for parts which we have already utilized to make systems operational. 





Accessory Building

A Special thanks goes out to  (Culpeper) who partnered with Castleton to assist us in taking this project to completion. We have already started our construction project. The pictures below show the skeleton building structure with the steps of installing trusses. 40 foot trusses were quickly installed by a backhoe and strong arms on the sides and center to lift, slide and erect the trusses. We did perform a quick test fit of SERV-5 (still under construction) to verify we have clearance for height, width and length. Mission success for fit with room to spare. There is even enough room for the eventual snow plow that will go on SERV-5 to sit on the floor in the rear of the truck.

Side metal up and the front gable finished. Rear gable to follow and then the final roof trim. After that Electrical rough in and final inspection and by then SERV-5 will be ready to occupy the space along with the concession trailers and utility 5.
Concrete is poured and finished. Now we are ready for the metal.









Additional plans are formulated for creating the wildland brush truck included painting to match our signature color scheme of Toredor Red and White as we have done below on our Brush truck, EMS Response Vehicle, Utility and Ambulance. 













Castleton has openings for New Members to help us support the community. We need Fire Fighters, EMTs, Drivers and Support people to help us. If you are interested in joining our Team please send us an email, call us (540-937-4110) or drop by our monthly meeting the first Wednesday of every Month at 7PM at the Fire Station and fill out an application. Training is available for Firefighters and EMTs. If you are retired and want to spend a day a week helping us, that would greatly assist us in helping your neighbors in their time of need.


The Lions Club generates this cash from the "Shop Like A Lion" program that rebates the Lions for items purchased through their website. So if you need to buy anything from Amazon, Walmart, Tractor Supply, Plow and Hearth or 1-800-FLOWERS and Petsmart, go to the Lions Website at "" You could be investing in a 4% return for the Lions Club who share it with all Rappahannock County Fire and Rescue Companies. 

The Mystery HAS NEVER Been Solved as of 1/16/2018

We have a mystery to solve and we need your help. Someone was super generous and not only made a sign for our fire department but installed it as well. Compared to our 20+ year old sign, the new one reflects all the hard work the company has put into improving the aging building and grounds. Take a look at our new sign and if you know who did the work, please let us know so we can properly thank them. If the donor reads this website, please accept our thanks for having this sign made and installed. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.






  • Remember to use IAMRESPONDING.COM for identifying your availability and when you are responding to a call. It helps the first arrivers to decide which piece can respond first. This system has been updated to receive text messages on the address and nature of the call.
  • Please review all SOG's to remain current.
  • Please go to the file library to view the guides.
  • Also, the Rappahannock County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association web site is up and running and is a source for Guides, Procedures, Map Book Pages and much, much more. 


  • Mark your driveway with one of our 911 Signs so we can find you when you need us the most. If you want a 911 sign you can email and we get back with you as fast as we can. Please be sure to include your name and phone number so we can call you back. 
  • Please remember to replace your smoke alarm batteries every 6 months
  • Dial 911 in the event you have an emergency of any kind, Police, Fire and Rescue.
  • If you have a question or comment email us or call us 540-937-4110 and we will try to help any way we can.  
  • We are continually updating this website for you to see what we do. Please return often. Thank You


We the membership of Castleton Community Volunteer Fire Company will be here to respond to the needs of our community and hope we do not get a single call for help.

Thanks again for supporting us.







911 Address Signs

911 Address Signs are available from Castleton Community Volunteer Fire Company

Just call 540-937-4110 and leave a message or 540-987-8916 to obtain your 911 address sign. An Order Form is available in the File Library on this Website. Printout the Form and give us a call or mail a check for $15 and the filled in form to:

Castleton Community Volunteer Fire Company

593 Castleton View Road

Castleton, VA 22716 

PLEASE TELL US IF YOUR HOUSE WAS BUILT AFTER 1 JULY 2015. The State Code changed and you get different size sign and numbers

Election of Officers

The December Annual Meeting occurred Wednesday 12/6/2017. During the meeting election of 2018 officers took place.

2018 Officers are:

Johnny Howington Chief, Jacqui Howington EMS Chief, Brian Wharton President, Daniel Brecht Vice President, Kelly Bennett Secretary, MeredithBolton Treasurer, Paul Komar and Randy Bennett as Directors. Thanks to last years Officers for your dedicated service and to the Officers of 2018, good luck in the upcoming year. 

EMS and Fire Training

Check out the CEU Catalog in our file library. It has courses for Fire and EMS. 

Take a look. 

Hall Rentals

For Hall Rentals please contact Daniel Brecht @ 207-205-2272. He will be able to provide you with Rental Details. You may also fax your requested date, time, name and telephone number to 540-937-3277 or leave a message on the station phone 540-937-4110 and we will call you back as soon as possible. The file library found in the file library at the top of this web page has the Virginia ABC License application form for you to fill out if you intend on having alcohol during any hall rental. The License must be presented before the hall can be opened for rental purposes. You can also access the ABC banquet license on line using the following:  



As Fire and EMS providers we are painfully aware of the suffering from Mesothelioma. Many of our Rappahannock County homes built prior to 1980 have a high likely hood of containing many asbestos material and those from 1980-1990 have some items containing asbestos. After 1990, The rules regarding Asbestos changed for the better. If you come in contact Asbestos-containing-materials, do not attempt to move it. Leave it undisturbed and contact an EPA-Certified asbestos professional to test and remove the material. To find out more follow the following link to start your search for help or assistance.

Soap Box Derby

Go to the links page and view the Culpeper Soap Box Derby Website. Castleton has two cars in this race, Go and support the Castleton Cars. It is truely alot of fun to watch. The Soap Box Derby Website has all the details. Wish them luck this summer.

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